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For emergencies and after-hours faults please call Lower Murray Water Customer Service on 1800 808 830.
Lodge an account (bill) related request or update your details. (Moving house)
Urban Water Quality
Report a problem with your urban (potable) water quality
Rural Water Quality
Report a problem with your untreated (raw) water quality
Report a sewerage system issue
Pipe Burst or Leak
Report a leaking water pipe
Flow/ Pressure Issue
Report a water pressure issue
No Water
Report that you have no water supply
Leaking Meter
Report a leaking water meter
Faulty Stop Tap
Report an issue with your urban stop tap
Outlet Leak or Fault
Report a rural outlet issue
Lodge a Compliment or Complaint
Acknowledge good service provided or raise an issue or concern
Valve Seized or Fault
Report a rural valve issue
Irrigation Drainage System
Report an irrigation drain issue
General Request or Feedback
Request that doesn’t fall into other categories